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About us
Pee Kay Enterprises is the leader in gases for industry, health and environment. The Group offers innovative solutions based on continuously enhanced technologies. We deal into Gases like Helium, Carbon dioxide, Acetylene, Nitrogen, Zero air, Oxygen, Nitrous Oxide and Mixture gases & many more. We also provide liquid gases and cryogenic vessels for bulk users.

Sub-Division of Pee Kay Enterprises: “Painkiller”- A world-class variety of Medical Healthcare equipments are available with us from world’s top leading brands from which you can choose the best option based on features or pricing. Some of the home care services offered by Pee Kay Enterprises are:

One stop shop and 24 x 7 customer support
Servicing of equipment installed
CPAP and bi-level CPAP systems for Treatment of Sleep apnea and other Respiratory problems
Supplying all types of Nasal and Full Face Masks for Non Invasive Ventilation
Conducting Sleep studies at Home
Performance monitoring of installed equipment, e.g., Oxygen purity from Oxygen Concentrator, etc.
Monitoring Oxygen Saturation of Home Care patients
Setting up and periodic inspection of the equipment at the patients home
Sale and / or lease of related equipment like Portable cylinders, Battery Operated Portable Oxygen Concentrators, Conventional Oxygen concentrators, Regulators, Pulse Oximeters, Humidifiers, Nasal / Full Face masks, Nebulizers, Air Mattress and Nasal Cannula

Our Ambition

To lead our industry through superior performance and responsibility over the long term.

Our Vision

“Our vision is to embrace new technology and to reach the pinnacle of business excellence through Innovation, Quality Consciousness, being Eco Friendly, delivering Highest Standards, maximizing Customer Satisfaction, Maintaining Supplier Relations and to provide international quality standard to every individual without boundaries.”

Our Mission

Anticipate the challenges facing our current and future markets worldwide and deliver sustainable progress for our customers, employees and shareholders through innovation, know-how and consistent performances.

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