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Rare Gases

Neon (Ne), Krypton (Kr) and Xenon (Xe) are found in the air in very low concentrations. Peekay Enterprise provides Rare Gases in various size cylinders and quantities. They emit colored light when electrically charged, rare gases are used in lighting, lasers, and medical imaging, as well as laboratory research. Rare gases include the noble gases, xenon, krypton and neon, and are present in the atmosphere in trace amounts. Produced when air is purified, compressed, cooled, distilled and condensed in sophisticated processes, rare gases play an important role within many industries.

Rare Gases:


Used in high intensity lights due to its natural "daylight" color temperature, high-efficiency incandescent bulb, plasma display panels, operating room and examination lighting and in ultraviolet lasers


Used to manufacture fluorescent lights, halogen headlights and in some photographic flashes, as well as excimer lasers.


Used to fill neon signs, in electron and fluorescent tubes, refrigeration, as a voltage regulator, in gas lasers and research.

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